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Basel is the home of some amazing (web-)applications, developed by even more amazing people. With the Made in Basel badge, we want to underline this fact. By having a common label, we help sustain a creative climate which encourages entrepreneurship and innovation, and creates employment opportunities for a diverse local workforce.

If you are a Basel-based* entrepreneur, developer, designer, artist or otherwise involved in software or web-development, make a statement and grab your badge today. Place it on your website, in your project or app. It's yours!

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Have you placed your badge already, and want to get represented here? Great, send us your logo via email and we'll place it here. If you feel bold, you can also add your logo directly via Github Pull-Request.

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Meetups / Events

If you're looking for an opportunity to meet some great people in person, here is a list of tech- and web-development Meetups taking place in Basel:

  • Webilea

    The event series Webilea powered by i-net offers a platform for web developers, users, IT entrepreneurs, researchers and other web pioneers in the area of Northwestern Switzerland to exchange experiences and find synergies.
  • Basel.js

    Its heating up. Browsers are getting mature with very good support for javascript. Application logic is moving into the browsers. Where is this all going? Shall we geek-out?
  • Coding Sessions Basel

    This group is targeted at people that enjoy programming and anyone that would like to learn it.
  • $foobar

    Monthly Drinkup for Web Developers in Basel.
  • Startup Hub

    Quarterly GetTogether targeting anybody interested in knowledge exchange with different startups.


The label Made in Basel is intended to support the local developer community and to promote Basel as a place to live, work and develop software. This project is non-profit and open-source. However, the designs, including the badge, are protected under copyright law. Please do not use them in an inappropriate way or to make money.

*Over 50% of the front- & backend code for the website or application has been written in Basel.